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What to do if the trash is stinking

  • Release Date:27-04-2018
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    The trash can is an essential item in life. It is used […]

    The trash can is an essential item in life. It is used to load our daily life garbage, food packaging bags, work waste paper, etc. Without it, life may become indiscriminate. When summer arrives, the trash can not be cleaned in a day. It's easy to get stench to attract bugs. What else do you need to do in addition to cleaning up trash in the trash every day? Today let the trash manufacturers talk about how the trash can stink.
    1. Garbage does not stay overnight: Small flying insects are caused by eggs and nutrients in the waste, which are caused by hot and humid summer heat. Their growth and reproduction are extremely fast. Garbage, especially kitchen waste, should be dumped in a timely manner. In general, if the office worker wants to throw out the rubbish every night, throw away the rubbish from the breakfast before going to work in the morning. In the daytime, someone in the family must make sure to throw it once at noon and throw it once before going to bed so that the rubbish does not stay overnight.
    2: spray insecticide: If too often too much trouble throwing garbage, you can prepare a barrel of pesticides, sprayed into the garbage bag / barrel once a day, can effectively kill flying insects and eggs. Spray some insecticides at night and fasten the garbage bags. The early days of the next day will not produce any bugs.
    3: spray disinfectant: use an empty spray bottle to put disinfectant, spray twice each time you put on the garbage bag, you will not be flying insects.
    Of course, it is necessary to clean up the trash once a day. In addition to the above method, put a few garlic in the trash can have a bactericidal effect, the summer weather is hot, there must be immediately tightly packed food bags to prevent overnight Leftovers will become ambiguous, regular cleaning and washing are also needed, and the clean environment and hygiene need to be maintained by themselves.