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What is the recyclable waste?

  • Release Date:20-12-2019
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    The common recyclable garbage in life is mainly waste p […]

    The common recyclable garbage in life is mainly waste paper: newspapers, book paper, packaging paper, office paper, advertising paper, paper boxes, etc. However, paper towels and toilet paper cannot be recycled because they are too water-soluble. Plastic: various plastic bags, plastic foam, plastic packaging, disposable plastic lunch box tableware, hard plastic, plastic cups, mineral water bottles, etc .; glass: glass bottles and broken glass pieces, mirrors, light bulbs, thermos bottles, etc .; Tin cans, toothpaste skin, etc. Cloth: It mainly includes abandoned clothes, tablecloths, towels, cloth bags, etc. Common garbage that easily decomposes under natural conditions, such as peel, vegetable leaves, leftovers, leftovers, flowers, branches, leaves, etc., are non-recyclables.
    Recyclable waste mainly includes five categories: waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and cloth. An example is as follows:
    Waste paper: It mainly includes newspapers, periodicals, books, various packaging papers, office papers, advertising papers, carton boxes, etc. However, it should be noted that paper towels and toilet papers are too water-soluble to be recycled.
    Plastic: It mainly includes various plastic bags, plastic packaging, disposable plastic meal boxes and tableware, toothbrushes, cups, mineral water bottles, etc.
    Glass: mainly includes various glass bottles, broken glass, mirrors, light bulbs, thermos bottles, etc.
    Metal objects: mainly including cans, cans, toothpaste skin, etc.
    Fabrics: mainly including waste clothes, tablecloths, face towels, school bags, shoes, etc.
    The rubbish other than recyclables is basically waste. Such as cigarette butts, feathers, waste electricity, cinders, construction waste, paints and pigments, food residues and so on.
    Toxic garbage, including waste batteries, fluorescent tubes, mercury thermometers, paint cans, medicines, cosmetics, etc.