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What are the characteristics of the classification trash

  • Release Date:09-05-2018
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    1. The classification of garbage cans is very particula […]

    1. The classification of garbage cans is very particular about the materials. Generally, the sort bins made of Garden Cart cannot be used outdoors. Because they are easy to age, they may be scrapped when they are not used for a long time. Our common sort bins are often It is made of high-quality engineering materials. The trash can made from this material is not only very durable. Even under the hot sunlight, it will rarely show signs of aging even after wind and rain. A variety of exteriors are produced. In public places, trash cans are used to contain rubbish. It is easy to make people think of dirt. However, the cute and brightly colored trash cans make a beautiful view of the outdoor environment. And using this kind of trash is very environmentally friendly and is in line with the current environmental theme.
    2. For some venues where the ground is not very flat, the use of a general trash can not be easy to place, but the use of classification bins is not the same, this can be placed across the steps, and placed very stable, if the rubbish The barrel was dirty and the staff also cleaned it very much.
    3. People do not often say that rubbish is the wrong place to put resources. If some of the resources that can be recycled in life are recycled, then the waste of resources will be reduced a lot. The color of the sorting bins is bright and can be expressed in terms of different colors. Putting out different kinds of waste can effectively reduce the waste of resources.
    4. When the cleaners clean the garbage, the sorting bins are also more flexible and flexible than the general trash cans when they are removed.