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Use of environmentally friendly trash

  • Release Date:17-05-2018
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    In order to better develop the economy, the people of t […]

    In order to better develop the economy, the people of the last century have caused great damage to the environment. Now the society is still developing. However, more and more people have realized that the environment is constantly changing. Great influence. Therefore, more people are needed to care for this environment and contribute a little bit of energy to people's future survival.
    The Plastic Garbage Bins can now be seen everywhere, streets, districts, highways, shopping malls, hospitals and so on. So far, many sanitation workers in the domestic cities are still using old-fashioned trash cans and collection and transportation vehicles. Due to factors such as the selection of materials and production methods, they are discolored and weak in acid and alkaline. As a result, they reduce work intensity while reducing The service life, and poor sealing, secondary pollution and odor emission caused pedestrians to stay away from them and inconvenience our staff.
    In view of the existing situation, as well as to make the urban environment more beautiful and eliminate visual pollution, the society will now choose to use an environmental trash can.
    The environmental protection trash can combines the modern design style of Europe and the United States, and it is more in line with the needs of the modern city appearance construction. In addition to changing the shortcomings of the old-fashioned products, it is more practical and decorative; it is mainly green and blue, and Orange, etc., selected imported masterbatch, computer configuration dyeing, after re-granulation and full mixing after injection molding, dignified color, bright color for a long time, enhanced impact resistance.
    In addition, the removable, foot-operated clamshell feature eliminates direct contact between hand and container contaminants, and enables direct docking with compressed garbage trucks. It is easy to put in rubbish, has good sealing, is portable, easy to clean, and reduces secondary pollution. The spread of germs is in full compliance with contemporary environmental protection requirements.

    Environmental protection trash can better protect the environment. It is a reliable choice to increase work efficiency and reduce the workload. We must take good care of the environment, contribute our strength to the beauty of the city and the countryside, and do not allow ourselves to live in the rubbish heap.