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The purchase of trash cans

  • Release Date:24-11-2018
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    The purchase of trash cans, the details can not be igno […]

    The purchase of trash cans, the details can not be ignored
    Under the heavy money, I bought environmentally friendly, atmospheric and elegant decoration materials and furniture, but I neglected the small Plastic Garbage Bins. The quality of the restroom can determine the quality of the decoration, and the quality of the trash can determines the quality of life. There are also many places to pay attention to when purchasing and using the trash can.

    ▌ material
    There are many kinds of garbage bins. The more common ones are plastics, metals and bamboo. Because people pay more attention to the trash cans, the quality of the garbage bins on the market is uneven, and you want to buy the right garbage. The bucket is not so easy.
    - plastic
    The plastic trash can has more colors to choose from, but if it is not a trash can for the baby room, it is better to choose a single color style. Plastic materials are available in a wide range of colors, but that doesn't mean it's a versatile model.

    - metal
    Metal trash cans have a tough shape, a smooth surface, and are designed to be used in offices, washrooms, and kitchens. However, if the metal trash can is placed in the living room or bedroom, it will easily produce a strong sense of depression. If you must use a metal trash can, it is recommended to choose this grid-like shape, which can be placed in the study as a waste paper basket: