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The principle of roof garden design

  • Release Date:24-10-2017
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       ① choose drought, cold strong bush and herbs. As the […]

       ① choose drought, cold strong bush and herbs. As the roof garden in summer high temperature, wind, soil moisture performance is poor, poor insulation in winter, and thus should be selected to drought-resistant, strong cold-resistant plants, while taking into account the roof of the special geographical environment and load-bearing requirements, Should pay attention to choose a small shrub and herbs, in order to facilitate the transport of plants, planting species.
    ② select the positive, barren root of the root plants. Most of the roof garden is direct sunlight, light intensity, plants should try to use positive plants, but in some specific small environment, such as flower rack below or by the wall, sunshine time is shorter, may be appropriate to use some Semi-positive plant species, to enrich the roof garden plant species, the roof of the planting layer is thin, in order to prevent the root of the roof structure of the erosion, should try to choose shallow root plants. Due to the application of fertilizer will affect the health of the surrounding environment, so the roof garden should be planted with infertile plant species.
    ③ choose wind, not lodging, resistant to water species of plants. In the roof over the wind is generally larger than the ground, especially in the rainy season or when the typhoon comes, the storms on the survival of plants the greatest harm, coupled with thin roof planting, soil water storage performance is poor, once the rain, easy to cause short-term plot Water, it should be as much as possible to choose some resistance to wind, not easy to lodging, but also able to withstand short water products.
    ④ choose to evergreen-based, winter can be exposed to winter plants. The purpose of the roof garden is to increase the green area of the city, beautify the "fifth facade", roof garden plants should be as often as evergreen, it is appropriate to use foliage and plant varieties, in order to make the roof garden more brilliant Colorful, reflecting the seasonal changes in the garden, but also appropriate planting some leaf tree species; the other conditions permitting, can be arranged some potted seasonal flowers, so that the garden four seasons have flowers.
    ⑤ try to use local plants, the appropriate introduction of new varieties of green. Local plants have a high degree of adaptability to the local climate. In the relatively harsh roof garden, the selection of native plants has a multiplier effect, taking into account that the roof garden area is generally small, in order to be arranged more refined, you can choose some Watch the value of the new varieties to improve the quality of the roof garden.
    The design of the roof garden must take into account the requirements of the natural conditions, and must have certain conditions, such as the requirements of the structure, with the carrying capacity and water, waterproof and drainage facilities and so on.