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The meaning of garbage sorting:

  • Release Date:12-01-2019
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    1. Reduce land occupation Some substances in domestic P […]

    1. Reduce land occupation
    Some substances in domestic Plastic Garbage Bins are not easily degraded, causing serious erosion of the land. Garbage sorting, removing substances that can be recycled and not easily degraded, reducing the amount of garbage by more than 60%.
    2, reduce environmental pollution
    Abandoned batteries contain toxic substances such as metallic mercury and cadmium, which can cause serious harm to humans; waste plastics in the soil can cause crops to be reduced; discarded plastics are eaten by animals, causing animal deaths to occur. Recycling can therefore reduce the hazard.
    3, turning waste into treasure
    China uses 4 billion plastic snack boxes every year, 750-700 million instant noodle bowls, and billions of disposable chopsticks, which account for -8-15% of domestic garbage. One ton of waste plastic can be reprocessed with 600 kg of diesel. Recycling 1,500 tons of waste paper is free from cutting down the trees used to produce 1,200 tons of paper. One ton of cans can be melted to form a good ton of aluminum, and 20 tons of aluminum can be mined. 30%-40% of domestic garbage can be recycled, and the resources of this small profit should be cherished. It is also possible to make a pen case using a can, which is environmentally friendly and saves resources.