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The benefits of garbage sorting

  • Release Date:14-12-2018
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      The benefits of Plastic Garbage Bins sorting 1. […]


    The benefits of Plastic Garbage Bins sorting
    1. Garbage classification plays an important role in promoting urban planning. Under reasonable distribution of waste, the pollution level is effectively reduced, and it is also beneficial to society and enterprises in recycling and remodeling.
    2. Reduce land occupation. Some substances in domestic garbage are not easily degraded, causing serious erosion of the land. Garbage sorting, removing substances that can be recycled and not easily degraded, reducing the amount of garbage by more than 60%.
    3. Reduce environmental pollution. Abandoned batteries contain toxic substances such as metallic mercury and cadmium, which can cause serious harm to humans; waste plastics in the soil can cause crops to be reduced; discarded plastics are eaten by animals, causing animal deaths to occur. Recycling can therefore reduce the hazard.
    4. Other substances in the garbage can also be converted into resources. For example, food, grass and fabric can be composted to produce organic fertilizer; waste incineration can generate electricity, heat or cool; bricks and ash can be processed into building materials and so on. Therefore, the garbage mountain can become Jinshan. The mixture of various solid wastes is garbage, and sorting is a resource. If you can fully exploit the potential of resources contained in recycling domestic waste, you will get considerable economic benefits.