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Role of the trash in the garden

  • Release Date:31-05-2018
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    1. Setting up the trash can Equipment deployment, plann […]

    1. Setting up the trash can Equipment deployment, planning, and handling conditions In order to sort garbage and set up the trash can, modeling, location, material, and removal methods should all be considered.
    (1) To set up a large trash can for meals or for a long period of rest and detention.
    (2) In the outdoors, due to the fact that it is easy to accumulate rainwater and the garbage is easily corrupted, the ventilation must be excellent. The bottom of the barrel should have a drainage hole.
    (3) Choosing the right conditions to have a clean color.
    (4) Since the main body is easily damaged, it is possible to make use of a solid and simple structure.
    The Plastic Garbage Bins design
    The classification of garbage reflects the actual actions humans have taken to protect their homeland. Designers have improved visual effects by using color design, easy-to-understand graphical symbol design, container design, and special photoreceptor and sensor technologies. People's classification awareness and behavior. The identification of classified wastes uses clear and typical physical graphics to deliver information quickly and efficiently. For example, the three trash cans in Ocean Park, Hong Kong, China, and a trash can that recycles old batteries in Shanghai directly create the appearance of batteries. These trash cans have gradually appeared in cities as people’s awareness of environmental protection increases. .