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Plastic stool material and color

  • Release Date:21-06-2018
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    Plastic Garbage Bins material and color The material of […]

    Plastic Garbage Bins material and color
    The material of plastic stools sounds like plastic only. However, if you want to subdivide them, you can divide them into the following categories: steelized, original plastic, plastic, etc. The plastic stools of these materials differ in performance and quality. Not the same, where the toughened plastic stool is more durable.
    The color of plastic stools is more diverse, as long as humans can make colors that can be used on plastic stools. The use of plastic stools for children is one of the reasons that attract children's attention. This colorful plastic stool will certainly bring a lot of fun to our lives.
    Plastic Pallet Technology Agreement:
    1. The size is 110cm*width and 110cm in width. It is used on both sides of the flat panel. It is inserted in four directions. It has a dynamic load of 1.5 tons and a static load of 5 tons. The color is orange. Raw materials are low-pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pure raw materials (non-irritating odor, non-toxic and harmless gas emission). The materials used must be corrosion-resistant, no added recycled materials, no steel pipe reinforcement, and sturdiness and durability. Shelf life of 3 years, due to quality problems caused by the damage within the warranty period, according to a damaged tray for a new tray ratio to give free replacement. If it exceeds the shelf life or is damaged due to operational problems, it will be replaced for free by replacing 3 damaged trays with 1 new tray. Replaced by the shipping manufacturer. If you do not meet the requirements, Yisheng Petrochemical has the right to request a return policy.
    2. Pallet technical standards refer to the requirements of the national standard GB/T15234-94.
    3. The pallet acceptance requirements are in line with GB2934-82 Intermodal Flat Tray Size Series.
    4. Pallet use temperature range: the tray is normally used in the temperature range of -40°C to +60°C.
    5. Appearance: The surface of the tray should be smooth and free of cracks and deformation, and there must be no obvious color difference on a single tray, and the color of the same batch of products should be the same.