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Plastic container features

  • Release Date:21-11-2017
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    Color: blue, white, yellow, red, green, black, other co […]

    Color: blue, white, yellow, red, green, black, other colors can be customized according to customer requirements beautiful and durable: plastic turnover box products from a single injection of low pressure high density polyethylene (HDPE) Degree is good, feel good, long period of use.
    Beautiful, light weight, non-slip, non-slip, impact resistance, cold, heat, wear, pressure, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, breathable, impermeable.
    Product structure design is reasonable, high load-bearing strength. The turnover box volume of 1L load within 1-100KG, from 1.5 meters height free fall without serious deformation, no cracking.
    Combustible materials, not near the source of fire (maximum temperature 100 ℃, high temperature up to 120 ℃, the ignition temperature of 340 ℃, auto-ignition temperature of 349 ℃, the lowest temperature -25 ℃).
    The bottom of the turnover box adopts various anti-skid design such as square stiffener and can run smoothly in the pipeline.
    Turnover boxes (logistics boxes) for storage of items, the temperature is maintained at about 40 ℃, the level of use to achieve the best results, tilt the ground will cause dumping; In addition the basket can be stacked layer, according to the number of layers in each turnover box The weight of the decision, not too high, otherwise it will cause the bottom of the turnover box (logistics box) deformation, thus affecting the plastic turnover box (logistics box) life.
    With acid, alkali, oil, moisture-proof moth, wear resistance, pressure, durability, impact resistance, nail-free thorn, non-toxic tasteless, easy to wash disinfection, Health, safety, recyclability and more. Light weight, smooth, long life, the overall performance is good, nice, clean, neatly stacked, easy to manage.
    Products for high-tech electronic hardware industry, or for the medical industry, machinery spare parts, refrigeration, food, aquatic products, logistics, warehousing and other industries, electronics factory, garment factory, shoe materials, toy factory, food hygiene, long-distance transport , Workshop long-term turnover and one-time export to meet the needs of customers in all aspects.
    Electronics, telecommunications, automotive instrumentation, mines, arsenal turnover box Material: Polypropylene copolymer (PP) as a substrate, adding carbon black and other blends, this blend can conduct current and has a strong mechanical Performance, its conductive properties can be maintained for 10 years, and is not affected by the state of the atmosphere.