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Outdoor trash cans everywhere

  • Release Date:21-01-2020
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    Nowadays, especially in cities, trash cans can be seen […]

    Nowadays, especially in cities, trash cans can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys, and trash cans have become a "weapon" for environmental protection and beautification in cities. Several material classifications of outdoor trash bins:
    First, plastic trash can
    Plastic trash cans are made by injecting plastic particles into the mold through high-temperature heating. According to different occasions' requirements for the size of the trash can, different sizes of trash can can be injected. The indoor peel buckets are generally below 100L, and the trash bins above 100L are generally Outdoor trash can, currently the largest outdoor trash can can achieve 1100L.
    Second,Metal outdoor trash cans
    This type of outdoor trash can includes steel plates, paint and stainless steel. Metal outdoor trash cans have high durability and can be recycled after being damaged. Therefore, they are also called environmentally friendly trash cans, because steel is more rusty, so before the trash cans are processed, , It will be degreased and rusted, and then baked to enhance the durability of the trash bin for outdoor use.
    Third, wooden outdoor trash can
    There are several types of wooden outdoor trash cans, such as pure wood, wood strips, steel wood, and antiseptic wood. The advantages of wooden outdoor trash cans are that they have a good texture and are easy to coordinate with the environment.
    Fourth, environmental protection trash can
    In the broad sense, environmentally friendly trash cans include all types of trash cans that can be recycled or have no pollution to the environment. The narrowly defined environmentally friendly trash cans include pulp trash, cement trash, colorful trash cans, and fiberglass peel buckets.