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Organize the garbage to make life better

  • Release Date:23-02-2019
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    As our life becomes more and more colorful, we have mor […]

    As our life becomes more and more colorful, we have more and more garbage produced by human beings, and these living garbage, industrial waste, and other serious polluters are our living environment.

    Learning to protect the planet we live on is something that every generation of us must learn. It is everyone's responsibility to protect our environment. With the acceleration of people's life rhythm, some habits began to pay more and more attention, and some people began to care about whether the garbage was properly cleaned at night. Because in the "Zhu Zijiaxun", it was said from the beginning that the dawn will start, and that it will be cleaned inside and outside, and it will be tidy as the ancient tradition of the Chinese nation. It will clean the environment and put it at the top of the day. *

    Today, there are many living quarters, and the cleaning staff is required to complete the cleaning tasks in the community by 6:00 in the morning. Such a clean and hygienic environment will make people feel good every day. However, it was the farming era, which was different from the current fast pace. The night cat family is the beginning of a wonderful life at night. Therefore, when to clean up the garbage is just a matter of habit, not too particular. In recent years, Chengdu has vigorously built urban infrastructure plastic trash cans better than other materials.

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