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Learning the culture of the trash

  • Release Date:25-05-2018
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    Open trash dumping point, to today's sun shining bright […]

    Open trash dumping point, to today's sun shining bright stainless steel trash bin, in the thousands of changes in the trash, it seems that can read out the history of urban development and urban cultural characteristics.
    In the course of gradual improvement of public facilities in the city, people began to re-examine the design of the “story” container that coexists with the city. After undergoing several transformations, the trash can is undergoing an international review in an unprecedented manner.
    Coordination with environmental style
    It is controversial whether the trash can need coordination with the environment. One view is that the trash should be eye-catching, otherwise it would be inconvenient to do so conveniently. Another point of view is to be subtle and hidden. Otherwise, the scenery is excellent. Nowadays, there is a third point of view, that is, coordination and cleverness. The trash can also give birth to a flower. In Frankfurt, Germany, there is an old beer barrel in the street. It is not only a trash can, but also a part of the beer house shop. The people who visit will not only discriminate against its identity, but may also be able to . In Xitang, Zhejiang, China, we also saw that there was a trash can that used a hard-mount roof form to make old pine planks. The basic elements of Chinese traditional gardens were applied to the design of trash cans. It may be a little exotic in the eyes of a foreigner, but it seems to have little creativity in terms of design.
    With humor go hand in hand
    When people began to write on the trash can with tips like “please keep the environment tidy” and “please don’t throw litter” with a few commandments, it also reflected the social reality of environmental protection and lack of consciousness, while also This serious act is not serious. Now some witty words such as “please feed me!” began to enter people’s sights, from serious reminders to relaxed joke, which illustrates both the progress of social civilization and the tensions of urbanites from another aspect. Look for a light sense of humor in your life.

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