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How to choose the home trash

  • Release Date:18-10-2017
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       1, try to choose stainless steel and bamboo material […]

       1, try to choose stainless steel and bamboo material.
    Now some of the trash on the market because of plastic material source is unclear, may carry some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances, there is a certain health risks, and stainless steel and bamboo is not only such a problem, but also easy to clean. In addition, a little smaller trash can make people dilute the garbage, shorten the breeding time of bacteria.
    2, there are two trash cans at home.
    Trash to put more than both the local, but also increase the proportion of pollution, the general kitchen, the living room can put one. Toilet seat put a covered small trash can. The trash should also be placed in a better place to ventilate in order to disperse the smell of garbage in time.
    3, kitchen trash with the best cover.
    There are two kinds of trash cans with and without cover. Kitchen with water with more garbage, easy to distribute the smell, the best choice with the cover. Thrown into the trash should be leaching to the water before, at any time sealing. Without cover
    Trash can put some dry, no smell of garbage, suitable for bedroom or living room. Dry garbage in the waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste mercury thermometer, expired drugs and other hazardous waste, also need to be packaged and sealed.
    4, timely cleaning.
    As a result of contamination of the trash, it is advisable to clean once every day. Cleaning brush with a brush to clean the gap, it is best to use 84 disinfectant consumption of the next poison, and finally washed dry.