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Garbage is not necessary for classification

  • Release Date:30-09-2018
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    With the continuous development of society, we are payi […]

    With the continuous development of society, we are paying more and more attention to the environment, because we have seriously damaged the environment of the earth during industrialization, in order to better ensure the regeneration ability of the earth and better cycle. We need more environmental protection. So in this case, is there a need for garbage to be classified?
    Although environmental protection projects for waste gas and wastewater have become hot in recent years, in reality, the most difficult to deal with is solid waste, which is a problem, regardless of technical threshold, policy support or capital cost. According to China's solid waste treatment ideas, it is reduced, resourced, and harmless. Reduction is to reduce the production of garbage, skip it. Recycling and harmless, all need garbage classification, and the finer the classification, the more beneficial to reduce processing costs and improve recycling. Professional waste disposal stations will have professional garbage sorting equipment, such as magnetic separation, semi-wet selective crushing and sorting, gravity sorting, etc., sorting metal, plastic, rubber, cloth, paper, etc. from garbage. It is recycled and used; if the organic content is high, such as kitchen waste, it is used as a composting material; if it is not available, it is cured and harmlessly treated, and then landfilled. So, this is the case. The process of garbage sorting, if it can't be done in the trash can, it has to add more sorting equipment at the waste disposal station. For users who produce garbage, garbage sorting does not cost anything, and for waste disposal stations, it is a large amount of investment in technology, capital and manpower.
    The classification of garbage is actually very important. In fact,Plastic Outdoor Chairs manufacturers feel that it is not enough to use domestic garbage bins and environmental waste bins to classify domestic garbage. More often, we need to better protect the environment, such as the reduction of environmental emissions from factories and companies, the use of more clean machinery, more environmentally friendly fuels, and so on.