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Development Trend of Smart Trash (3)

  • Release Date:14-12-2019
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    Infrared sensor side pull type. Liuzhou Plastic Trash C […]

    Infrared sensor side pull type.
    Liuzhou Plastic Trash Can-This type of side-pull open trash can avoids the problem of overlapping cover in the clamshell area, but its sensing sensitivity is not high and the response speed is slow. The big problem is that the use of this product still has different requirements for people, and it can't be sufficiently convenient.
    Judging from the average height of an ordinary adult, the arms naturally hang down with the fingertips about 80-90cm away. When the arms are swung a certain angle around the body, the fingertips are about 1m off the ground. The height of an ordinary small trash can at home is between 30-50cm, and the maximum sensing distance of the infrared sensor on the trash can is usually only 15-20cm. That is to say, most people need to "nod their hands and extend their hands" before using such a trash can.

    In short, the infrared sensing technology used in the existing automatic trash cans is inseparable from people, that is to say, no matter how automated and intelligent it is, people need to influence it, and people can work only when they are sensed. Garbage, if you have garbage, you should work so that you can be smart and separated from people. Infrared sensing completely tests people's reactions and feelings. You must first gather up the lid to open it, and then take the opportunity to throw garbage. In fact, it has a certain amount of physical and mental energy consumption, and it is not as comfortable as imagined. Sometimes the response is slow and you need to wave a few more hands, waiting for it to open the cover.