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Development Trend of Smart Trash (1)

  • Release Date:29-11-2019
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    The development prospects of smart trash bins: As an in […]

    The development prospects of smart trash bins: As an indispensable necessity in human life, the "trash bin" has accompanied humankind through every era. Especially in today's home supplies and hotel supplies market is even more essential. With the general improvement of people's environmental awareness and aesthetic level, the types and number of trash bins are constantly being renovated and increased. People pay more attention to its beauty and practicality, and the products are developing in the direction of "small" and "intelligent". Since its launch, smart trash bins have been welcomed by consumers. Due to the large market demand and small investment, they are also favored by small and medium investors.
    The status of smart trash cans: There are already many invention patents for new smart trash cans at home and abroad, but most of their patents are design patents, which greatly reduces their practicality.
    There are several major innovations in foreign-style trash cans:
    ①The scalability of the trash can, that is, the size and volume of the trash can can be adjusted within a certain range according to the needs, so that the trash can can be easily carried
    ② Kitchen waste is prevented from odor escape, and the trash can is sealed with a seal ring, which will reduce the service life of the mechanical structure; it also keeps garbage at low temperature and generates a lot of power consumption.
    ③Recycling and classification of garbage. Artificial intelligence classification of garbage is a highly technical subject. At present, no machine can complete the classification and recycling of garbage by relying only on products and not relying on manpower. Moreover, the capacity of domestic garbage bins is very small, and there is no need to carry out garbage recycling classification.