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Development prospects of the plastic pallet industry

  • Release Date:10-11-2018
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      In recent decades, the application of pallets, e […]


    In recent decades, the application of pallets, especially plastic pallet, in the field of industrial logistics and warehousing has been increasing. The use of plastic pallets in industrial logistics and warehousing is the development direction of modern industrial logistics and warehousing to scientific and technological progress. This is based on three main reasons: It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The second is to improve functions. The third is to simplify manufacturing processes and processes. This has become one of the three hot topics in the research and development of the international industrial logistics warehouse.
    With the rapid development of the plastic pallet industry and the industrial logistics warehousing industry, foreign industrialized logistics warehousing has been initially trials of composite materials and other molecular composite materials. According to the latest developments in international key materials and plastic pallet technology, there are seven latest technological breakthroughs, and the seven technologies are also about to enter the industrial logistics and warehousing industry. At present, the new materials and the perfect standard system have been the focus of the recent domestic industrialized logistics storage plastic palletization.
    At present, plastic pallet forming technology has been seamlessly integrated with industrial logistics warehouse plastic palletizing. At present, polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and engineering plastic pallets have been well used in the field of industrial logistics and warehousing. It is expected that from 2012 to 2015, the addition of other composite materials, plastic pallets and plastic pallets will be fully utilized in industrial logistics storage materials.
    As the government strongly encourages the production of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly plastic products, this presents opportunities for suppliers of plastic pallets and industrial logistics storage components. The rise of industrial logistics warehousing and weight loss.

    It is expected that in the near future, industrialized logistics and storage of plastic pallets will become a new industry, not only expanding the scale of the plastic pallet industry, but also determining the development trend of industrial logistics and warehousing manufacturing in the future.