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Benefits of steel trash cans

  • Release Date:10-08-2019
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    First, the base of the trash can is made of stainless s […]

    First, the base of the trash can is made of stainless steel instead of ordinary cold plate, and the cost is slightly increased but the service life is greatly improved.
    Secondly, the barrel body of the trash can adopts galvanized anti-corrosion technology, and the anti-corrosion property will be greatly improved after spraying, but its cost is lower than that of stainless steel, which is higher than ordinary cold-plate spray, so the life of the garbage bin is There are obvious advantages.
    Third, the steel garbage cans can not avoid the wet weather when used outdoors. For such cases, the thickness of the fixed steel plate is made of steel plate of 3MM or more, and the anti-corrosion treatment such as pickling, phosphating and surface spraying must be strictly performed. It should also be equipped with a dust-proof decorative cloth cover.
    Fourth, the theft of trash cans is a headache. Parts or liners that are often stolen are not unsolved. The trash can manufacturers use FRP instead of the traditional galvanized steel or iron liner. Because FRP is a new type of aviation material, it is anti-corrosive and durable but has no recycling value. The steel garbage can body and structural parts are easy to adopt integrated structure. Easy to disassemble; the base is fitted with a reasonable fixture.