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Plastic tray

  • Release Date:07-11-2017
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    Plastic pallets are loading and unloading pads that are […]

    Plastic pallets are loading and unloading pads that are used to load and unload, transport, store, and deliver goods. It is the most humble but ubiquitous logistic appliance in the logistics industry. It is the main means of transforming the static goods into dynamic goods. The plastic trays are widely used in the logistics and transportation industry after their introduction. Become an important appliance logistics industry. , Finishing boxes, crisper Turn basket.
    Pallet stacking wooden, paper and metal containers and other hard straight cube goods staggered single or multi-layer code, stretch or shrink film packaging; paper or fiber goods single-storey multi-layer stacked with a cross-seal ; Sealed metal containers and other cylindrical cargo single or multi-storey code, wooden cargo cover reinforcement; to be moisture, water and other protective paper products, textile goods single or multi-layer staggered stacking, stretch or shrink film packaging increase Angle support, cargo cover partitions and other reinforcement structure; Fragile cargo one-way or multi-layer code, increase the support structure of wooden partitions; metal bottles cylindrical container or cargo single vertical yard, increase the cargo box and slab reinforcement structure; Multi-storey bag of goods staggered codified code.