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The benefits of garbage sorting

  • Release Date:11-10-2017
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    1, Garbage classification for the city's planning has a […]

    1, Garbage classification for the city's planning has an important role in promoting the rational distribution of waste, but the degree of pollution can be effectively reduced, and in terms of recycling and remodeling will be social and business has full benefits.
    2,To reduce the area. Some of the material in the garbage is not easily degraded and the land is seriously eroded. Garbage classification, remove the recyclable, easy to degrade the material, reduce the amount of garbage up to 60%.
    3, To reduce environmental pollution. Waste batteries contain metal mercury, cadmium and other toxic substances, will cause serious harm to humans; waste plastics in the soil will lead to crop production; abandoned waste plastics by animal eating, leading to animal deaths have occurred. So recycling can reduce the harm.
    4, Other substances in the garbage can be converted into resources, such as food, vegetation and fabric can be composted, the production of organic fertilizer; waste incineration can generate electricity, heating or cooling; brick, lime can be processed into building materials and so on. So that garbage mountain can become Jinshan. A variety of solid waste mixed together is garbage, sorting is the resources. If you can fully tap the recycling of garbage resources contained in the potential of resources will be considerable economic benefits.
    Precautions for waste classification When the public generates garbage at home or in the unit, the garbage shall be classified or stored in accordance with the requirements of the local area and the following points shall be taken into account:
    1, put the paper before the paper should be stacked as neatly, to avoid rubbing the group; bottles and other items should be as much as possible after the container exhausted products, clean up after the kitchen waste should be bagged, sealed. The bottle of plastic products pinch the flat into the trash.
    2, the delivery should be marked by the garbage classification mark, respectively, to the designated location and containers. Glass items should be handled with care to avoid damage.
    3, after delivery should pay attention to cover the trash cover, so as not to pollute the surrounding environment, mosquitoes breeding.